Another plugin..a bowtie!

I’m now on my 3rd plugin vehicle, two BEV’s and one PHEV. This one is interesting: I’ve been purchasing Ford’s for the past 30 years or so. Walking into a Chevy dealership was a bit odd and the same (all of the American dealerships are essentially the same–just a different logo on the front of the car). After a few minutes conversing with the salesman the odd feeling disappeared and we got down to business.

I’ve now driven it a whopping 15 miles or so (spent most of the evening playing with all the configuration settings/charge settings/pairing phone/etc.–I may have to make a few posts about that). Took some people for a ride; spoke with a neighbor about it (kind of obvious it isn’t a Ford in the driveway LOL).

This one a is a little different from the one we rented in California: For one thing its in LT trim, not Premier so its missing a bunch of options (like lane keeping assist, the fancy screen/mirror, etc.). Many of those features I’d likely not use so I didn’t get them but the biggest difference is the seats…

I mentioned in my other post about the complaints the Bolt front seats were getting. On the Premier one we rented they felt like the side bars of the seat were too narrow and would press/dig into the sides of your rear. It wasn’t that big of a deal for me as I did fit in between the sides but I do understand the complaints.

On the LT trim the seats are…just fine!? (The Premier has leather seats, the LT has cloth seats). The cloth seats don’t have the bucket feeling like the leather seats do–in fact they feel pretty flat (like inexpensive seats would) and thus there is no issue with them..they feel like any other car seat and are quite comfortable. This also could be a model year difference: The one I rented was a 2017 Bolt and mine is a brand new 2018.

I’m sure my posting rate will increase now that I have something new to post about…stay tuned.

Another plugin..a bowtie!

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