A Tesla in the family

For the past few hours I’ve had this guy plugged into my home EVSE:


A relative picked it up and will be visiting for a few days. Now my little 30A @ 240V charger really can’t do much for a Tesla (the Tesla app says its charging at about 20 miles an hour–for this afternoon they have been here long enough for maybe 60 miles of charge). Fortunately for them we do have a supercharger about 20 miles away (which they plan to hit on the way home).

I’ll likely have another post soon after I take it for a spin…


A Tesla in the family

Where is Ford?

The question is: Where is Ford in this market?

The answer is: being left in the dust.

What market is that? The 200+ mile EV club. Granted the only members in the club right now is Tesla, but Chevy is knocking at the door with the Bolt.

If this review is any indication the Bolt is going to be a hit. You can spend hours debating if the Model 3 is “going to kill Chevy” or that the Bolt “will be the death knell of Tesla”. Personally I’d hedge towards Chevy: If the Bolt is as good as that review indicates then with a solid year (plus?) lead on the market it will give Tesla some solid competition.

The next few years promises to be exciting ones if you are an EV enthusiast.

So again: Where is Ford?


Where is Ford?

Well, its “here”…

Late last night (11:30pm Eastern) Tesla revealed the Model 3:

Already there’s been 150,000+ reservations. So if you’re at the end of that list, and they ramp up production slowly (or even moderately) from the projected “late 2017” start then you’ll be lucky to see your Model 3 by 2019?

Wow. Don’t get me wrong it is a sharp car (personally I’m not too thrilled with the “blank” nose, but then again originally I wasn’t sure I’d like the fake grille on the FFE but it grew on me). Am I one of the 150,000? No–I had given it considerable thought: the deposit is refundable and it would be likely that I wouldn’t get the car until after my current lease ends but in the end I decided not to.

By the time the Model 3 does hit the market there is going to be a lot of competition in the class. Some will be cheaper, some will be more expensive; will any of them be “better” than the Model 3? That is a question I cannot answer and greatly depends on how much of a fan you are of Tesla (just read through some of the comments on any article about the Model 3’s reveal and you’ll see what I mean).

One thing is for sure, though, we are definitely living in interesting times…

Well, its “here”…

Chevy is close to making Bolts

Check out this Ars Technica article about the Chevy Bolt. Seems like Chevy is going to handily beat Tesla’s Model 3–makes you wonder if Chevy timed this news release to beat Tesla to the punch as the Model 3 prototype will be unveiled next week.

The thing is, when I look at the picture in the article, below:

This side view really looks like a BMW i3 to me…not sure why (perhaps its just the relative proportions).

By the time my 3 years is up on the C-Max I’ll have plenty 200+ mile BEV’s to choose from thats for sure.


Chevy is close to making Bolts

Whats it like to own a Tesla Model S

Internet comic “The Oatmeal” has written a rather lengthy graphic about what its like to own a Tesla Model S. This is very interesting reading. Many of his points also apply to the FFE:

  • Charge the car by plugging in at home
  • The fact that its different from standard cars
  • Partial: Proximity locks (on the Tesla the door handles extend and retract when you approach, on the FFE the doors unlock when you touch them–I’m calling this a 1/2 point for the FFE LOL)
  • Another 1/2 point: “no ignition”–ok yeah you start the FFE like a car but it does have pushbutton start (yeah I know I’m reaching here)
  • No noise/very quiet drive train
  • A/C Motor (Tesla has an induction A/C motor and the FFE uses a synchronous A/C motor)
  • Don’t stop at gas stations
  • Handles well (I’m not saying the FFE handles like a Tesla but it is known to handle very well with a 50/50 weight distribution–better than the ICE Focus in some respects)
  • Another 1/2 point due to My Ford Touch (some people would say this is a -1 for My Ford Touch. I still like it and find it easy to work with)
  • Can’t install apps on either screen (but rumor has it that we may be able to use applink this year)
  • “Unlockable Achievements”! Something the FFE has (on My Ford Mobile) that the Tesla doesn’t
  • Smartphone interface
  • Full safety ratings–now the FFE didn’t break the testing machine but it crash tested even better than the ICE Focus
  • Zero fires for the FFE–at least I haven’t heard of any

Keep in mind the above is just for fun but it is interesting how many items are in common. It is likely that many of them are common with all of the BEVs and not just the FFE.


Whats it like to own a Tesla Model S

Another Tesla road trip in progress…

This trip is NY to FL. At some point the trips wont be noteworthy as everyone will be making them (at least Model S owners).

This one is driven by a Green Car Reports driver. Its funny how, on his very first leg, he’s learned the low-temperature lesson that every EV driver has to cope with.

Update: There are two more reports on hist progress: Here and here.

After reading these reports a couple of statements stood out to me:

As I drive, I keep careful track of how the range display compares with the actual miles driven.


Once consumption settles down, I do my now-standard comparison of rated mileage decay vs real mileage traveled, and find it’s right at 20 percent.

His mental calculation of “rated mileage decay” and “real mileage traveled” is right on my dashboard in my Focus Electric! Its called status. It is the difference between the range to empty at the beginning of the trip and the current calculated range to empty (I discuss it more in this posting). Do we have a feature on our Focus Electrics that is missing from a Tesla Model S…it would seem so.

Another Tesla road trip in progress…