As winter goes by

Its so easy to not post–much like anything I suppose. Probably why many blogs (and podcasts) don’t last long. You get back to living life and forget to post and suddenly its 3 weeks (months, years, ahh forget it) later…

We recently took another ~90 mile trip, but this time we used one of the gas cars instead of the Bolt. The trip was similar in distance to our Frankenmuth trip we took the Bolt on. Being in the middle of winter, however, makes a difference on if we can EV it or not.

Even though this particular trip was to the south it wasn’t near far enough to get to warm weather. Right now the GOM is showing about 130 miles of range (hill top reserve mode on so I probably could cram another 10-15 miles in to “full”). Thus we would need to charge at the destination and since we weren’t going to be there long enough (I’d estimated the trip would take 40+ kWh to get there meaning we would need somewhere around 30 kWh charge to get back which would take about 4 hours on a Level 2).

The funny thing was: Once we got there the parking lots were quite full, requiring us to park far away from where we were going. While driving around looking for a spot to park we discovered a charge station really close with no EV charging ! LOL So we could have taken the Bolt and just stayed a bit longer. In addition there are at least two CCS stations on the way home that we could have stopped at and not had to wait as long. Sadly, however, the family isn’t as adventurous as I am and didn’t want to try.

I keep reading in articles that “EV’s aren’t quite there yet” for everyone. Given my experience I would kind of agree but I would also add that everyone isn’t there yet for EV’s either.

As winter goes by

Its a long road ahead

Had another opportunity to take the Bolt out on the road and stretch its legs or rather the battery.

This trip was very similar in length to our last long drive; about 85 miles each way. The difference this time was that the weather was significantly colder and less EV friendly which means we’d have to use the heater. In addition we didn’t have the car filled with people; just 3 instead of 5.

The trip out started with sunny skies and upper 50s (F) temperatures. I was able to drive most of the way with the HVAC off and cruise set to 71 mph. This trip used a little less than half the battery with the guess-o-meter (GOM) showing around 120 miles left in the tank. The trip back, however, started in the lower 40s and ended in the upper 30s. I had noticed that the GOM’s range to go was dropping much faster than Google’s estimated distance to our destination so I started modulating the defroster trying to keep our buffer at around 20 miles (keep the GOM’s value 20 miles larger than the distance to our destination). This worked quite well and even kept the passengers comfortable. Arriving at our destination with 20 miles to go and the car complaining twice that we should plug in really soon now! Total distance on the trip meter was 175 miles.

We even had a fellow EVer for a travelling companion for part of the trip:


Hey that’s a BMW i3. Oh wait I can see a gas filler..its an i3 Rex that’s cheating ! LOL.


Its a long road ahead