This feature looks really familiar?!

This morning I was playing around with the myChevrolet app on my phone. There is a menu item named “Energy Assist – Plan Your Route”. When you tap on it you are presented with a map with your location in the middle with some options. The option on the bottom right with the car on it with a circle around it presents a map shaded with your max distance at the current battery state, and your max distance if you intend to return at the current battery state:

2018-06-06 18.09.57

The dashed line represents how far you can drive and be able to return back to your starting point, the light area is the maximum distance you can go when completely depleting the current charge. This display looks really familiar…very early on in this blog I had made a google map page that would display the same information (given a starting point and some distance the map would display a diagram representing that distance from the given starting point–sadly the map page disappeared thanks to DropBox). Here is an image of that drive distance map:


The shaded circle is the radius entered and the green area is how far you could get driving that distance from the red push pin.

The really cool feature with the myChevrolet app here is you can tap a “What if?” button and it presents you with the display above: Note that slider–yes you can move the slider around from 0% to 100% to see how far you can go on any state of charge given the car’s current position! Nice!


This feature looks really familiar?!