Fill ‘er up…

Its about time I see if the CCS charger in the car works, right?


Here we are at a local EVgo fast charger. Looks like this one is only 35kW (100A @ 350V). I know the Bolt is capable of fast charging a bit faster. Hmm take a look at this blog post about tapering (reducing charge rate) while charging. It is possible that the 35kW value was limited by the car and not the charger.

Lets look at something else: I only charged for a bit over 6 minutes (really didn’t need a fast charge, just trying it out in the car). Here is what EVgo charged me:


So 3.46 kWh and currently the car says I’m getting about 4.5 miles/kWh so this means that in 6 minutes 23 seconds I gained 15.6 miles or so for $2.23 (I’m on the “pay as you go” EVgo plan as I don’t plan on using that often so don’t really want to pay the monthly flat rate when I can go months without charging from them at all). That is rather expensive and more expensive than gas in our C-Max (closer to the cost of gas in our Escape). No wonder that charge station remains unused most of the time! (Right next to it are two ChargePoint J-1772 chargers which are free and get more use.)

If we do some wild extrapolation: Had I sat there for an hour (and the car continued to charge at that rate) I would have driven away with an additional 140 miles of range…not to shabby considering the snails pace of J-1772 charging ! (Yeah I’m aware its nowhere near as fast as a Tesla Supercharger, but since the car only has a 60 kWh battery charging at 100 kW isn’t really necessary.)



Fill ‘er up…

4 thoughts on “Fill ‘er up…

  1. triangles says:

    Holy s%#t that’s 14.3 cents per mile!!! How does EVgo think charging this much is a viable business plan? My old Ford Escort averaged 9 cents per mile on gasoline before I ditched it for my FFE. For a comparison to a TM3 on a supercharger. I haven’t had a need for superchargers but wanted to try it out much like you did here with the CCS charger. I charged for 5 minutes ramping up to 118kW and got 40 miles of range. The charge was $1.10 or about 2.8 cents/mile. That’s cheaper than what I can charge it for at home. Hopefully we start seeing CCS chargers not from EVgo that are more reasonably priced. There is only one CCS charger in my neck of the woods and it is free. IIRC it is only 25kW as it was one of the very first CCS chargers.


      1. triangles says:

        Not sure about Michigan but in Ohio DC fast charger owners cannot charge by the kWh because if they did they would be a utility according to state law and then have to comply with all the utility regulations. This is something I hope lawmakers fix sooner rather than later. It really is as stupid as charging gasoline by how many seconds you are pumping it.


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