Since last full charge

Its been a while since my last post, you’d think with the new car I’d be posting like crazy (and I did for a few days there). The timing was such that we got the car and then went on vacation without the car–oh how difficult was that LOL not driving the car for 10+ days.

The car has an interesting display: Since last full charge. It will display the miles driven and the power usage since the last full charge:


This display will automatically reset on a full charge–and it has to be plugged in a bit after the car reads 100% before it resets (as I found out once).

In the above picture I even had a little battery conditioning going on as it was very hot here (90+F) for about a week.

Here is what I find interesting about this display: Since the car has such a long range (250+ for me for the last few charges) there may be some “opportunity charging” in there (stop at a mall or store with a free charger–might as well add some miles on since its free) which means this could read more than the battery size.

This was especially true for the Bolt we rented when on vacation back in April as I never charged it to full. When we picked it up it had about 180 miles available on the battery and I would charge it for an hour or two here and there (even used a fast charger once on it, but still not to full). We ended up putting close to 200 miles on it without ever bringing it to a full charge–thus skewing the numbers in this display.

Would it be a little beneficial for these numbers if it also included a number about charging (a simple stat: kWh added since last full charge which would also reset at full charge)? Then someone could glance at it and go “oh yeah I charged a bit in there”.

We’ve only had ours for about a month, and I haven’t really settled into a pattern of how I’m going to charge it (still leaning towards charging it to full over Sunday night so I have the full range for the week, and then possibly charge to full on Friday depending on how much driving over the weekend we’ll be doing). Even with that pattern I find that I’ll sometimes opportunity charge (was just at a movie theater with a charger so I plugged in for 2.5 hours while we watched a movie).

Much like the Focus Electric: There is a bunch of neat (useful?) things that the car displays, but there always can be more. Hey the OEM’s are still learning how to make these EV things (even though the Bolt is GM’s 2nd EV, and 4th modern plugin car).

Since last full charge

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