Really coming to an end now..

No, not the blog… ! LOL

Focus Electric (and Focus, and C-Max) production in North America is coming to an end May 7, 2018 (see here). This is a bit of sad news: Knowing that there will no longer be Focus Electrics produced, that I can’t just order another..

As I write this Ford’s plans (at least the ones publicly announced) are to build the next generation of Focus in China and import those to the US (since the US market has really shifted towards SUV’s, cars are “out” these days). It is likely that there will be a Focus Electric produced there since China is really pushing EV’s hard–so it may not be the end of the FFE?

The C-Max Hybrid, and Energi, however are probably done forever. Simply because these cars (well the FFE too) are stepping stones to better plug-ins and BEV’s–at least you’d think. Ford seems lost in a fog these days (and its stock prices reflect that): They tried going old-school when the rest of the industry was marching head first into hi-tech…the stock market didn’t like that.


Really coming to an end now..

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