Here we are in June and nuttin…

Yup another long stretch with no posts. Not much to report: The C-Max is doing well, summer is finally here (so no winter weather reports–but, frankly, I stopped doing those once I could burn something for heat).

Tesla’s Model 3 should be seeing production any day now (ok in July according to them)..we’ll see.

As far as Ford? The most recent news is Focus assembly will be moving to China in 2019 or so (have to get out of the Michigan Assembly Plant so they can start building Rangers and Bronco’s there). About that same time frame Ford is supposed to start building their 300 mile EV SUV…we’ll see.


Here we are in June and nuttin…

2 thoughts on “Here we are in June and nuttin…

    1. It doesn’t bother me that much: They aren’t closing the plant the Focuses are built at thus there won’t be any job losses (probably job adds as the trucks they will be building will be more complicated–at least larger–and may require more workers), and sales of small cars in the US has been going way down due to the past few years of low gas prices. It makes sense for Ford to move production to someplace where the small cars are selling better than the US (cheaper to manufacture and cheaper to transport).

      It could be worse: Ford could do what Chrysler is doing and simply stop making small cars.


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