New Ford EVs??

What is this:

Hmm Who are you Ford and what happened to you??


Wireless charging too; wow.

A hybrid Mustang, a BEV SUV!? Someone has been smoking there at Ford! LOL

I’m anxiously awaiting these new Ford developments….

Update: A news article on the press conference:

Update 2: Another article with details about the EVs: (not much more than the article above, however)

New Ford EVs??

3 thoughts on “New Ford EVs??

  1. Josh Gould says:

    Well thats interesting! I can see why the Mustang would get it, because they have the same/similar drive-line as the F-150. I know they need something for the F-150 to help bring them Fleet MPG up.
    I think Large Truck EV (BEV/PHEV) are much more important and receive greater increases when implemented well for the use. Long idle times replaced by EV mode = large savings.


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