Bar graphing down the road

Ok, headline writer I’m not! LOL

The Focus Electric had an interesting bar graph display:

This would show you how well you’re driving in specific intervals (5, 10, or 15 minutes). The display lived within the “MyView” section on the left dash display. This meant that you had to select that display or another–there was no real way to show other displays along with it. Note that on the FFE the MyView is split into two small displays. In the above image the bar graph consists of one configurable area, and the Climate/Other display is in another configurable area…so you did have some options.

I liked this display because it would give me a short history of how I was driving in a glance, but it really didn’t have all the details I wanted so I would frequently have a different display up:

The information dense display here is the column with the Wh/mi x 100 inside it. This shows: instant power consumption (the white line at the top), average power consumption (the two white tick marks), and power required for the current “budget” (blue “cup”).

Now, on the C-Max Energi, I get the best of both worlds. Here is how I’ve had the C-Max’s dash board setup:

Note the bar graph display on the right–a similar bar graph that the FFE would show on the left. Now I can have both the bar graph displayed, and the information dense display on the left (on the FFE I’d leave the right screen set on navigation which would show a compass, the name and speed limit of the current street–the C-Max has the same display available but I found I didn’t use it that much).

On the bar graph display at right: The far left bar (one with the 0, 40, 60, 100 scale) shows the instant miles/gal, the 5 bars show the history in 10 minute intervals (configurable), and the line shows the current average mpg.

The left has a really busy display showing power from the gas engine, electric motor, climate consumption, and “other” (typically other is the defroster, radio, seat heat, etc.). Its fun to watch the gas/electric graphs bounce around as you drive and the car switches between the two. In addition there is an arrow above or below the battery showing when the battery is being discharged or charged (below the battery is an icon showing which mode the car is currently in–EV later in this case).

After all this reading you’re probably thinking: Hey keep your eyes on the road! Yeah, I know: driving either car around is like driving a video game! LOL Once you get used to the displays only a quick glance down at the dash is all that is needed to ascertain your current status; even though its busy you do get used to it and can scrape the information you’re looking for very quickly.


Bar graphing down the road

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