Sync 3

I’m quickly approaching 1 month of driving around the C-Max Energi. On the whole I like it a lot. I’ve only filled the gas tank once after 750 miles of driving (in these winter temps I can get at most half of my round-trip commute in on EV alone).

I’ve played with Sync 3 quite a bit now. After driving 4 cars with My Ford Touch in them your first impression of Sync 3 is “Fast”. It really is so much more responsive than MFT ever was. Even the map display on the Nav screen is fast: It tracks your driving amazingly with no redraws (even the slightest turn shows up on the map in real time).

Here we have the map display showing the range circles. I haven’t looked up what they mean yet but I would speculate that the inner circle is the worst case range (running heat, etc.) and the outer circle is the best case range. Even at this scale you can see the map pan and rotate as you drive..its pretty impressive.

Entering a destination into Sync 3 is much easier than MFT ever was as well. You simply type in the address or intersection you’re looking for and it shows you live results like a Google search. Of course if you already have the destination programmed in you can simply hit one of the buttons.

Searching for charging stations is pretty simple too: Hit the “Charging” button above.

Although it appears the list isn’t complete as this station was missing:

(I charged there briefly while I was taking the above pictures.)

On the whole I find Sync 3 to be a vast improvement over MFT. It still has some bugs, however, as noted in my “Buggy Car” post and the fact that when I left for this trip the car stuck on the rear camera for about a half mile before it rebooted and came back to life.


Sync 3

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