C-Max Energi “modes”

Here is a little more on those modes of the C-Max Energi. I have to thank the forums user HybridBear for listing what each mode is described as in the workshop manual.

  • EV Now = Locked Electric Mode
  • EV Auto = Charge Depleting Mode
  • EV Later = Charge Sustaining Mode
  • 2D battery icon = Hybrid Mode

More from Hybridbear:

When in EV Now the ICE is kept off except in the following circumstances:

  • You accelerate briskly & press OK when prompted on the dash with a question if you’d like to turn on the ICE
  • You press the Max Defrost button
  • You turn on Defrost only HVAC in winter
  • The ambient air temp drops to -10 F or colder

EV Auto biases toward depleting the HVB completely before turning on the ICE, but it sets a fairly low acceleration threshold to turn on the ICE. It also will turn on the ICE when you request heat, rather that depleting the HVB via the electric heater. It will also turn on the ICE when the ICE coolant temp drops below 60 F under certain conditions.

EV Later stops the car from depleting the HVB any more. If your current charge level is higher than about 95% displayed SOC the car will continue to discharge the HVB until it reaches about 95% SOC. The car may turn on the ICE, but it won’t actually use it to power the wheels, it will just waste gas & consume lots of HVB range to power the wheels. EV Later makes the car operate like a C-Max Hybrid. The ICE does not turn on immediately when you engage EV Later, it waits until your power demand is sufficiently high. When you first engage the ICE in EV Later at an SOC below 95% the ICE will initially work to propel the car & charge the HVB. As it increases the HVB SOC it will reduce the energy spent on charging & decrease its output.

I’ve been playing around with the different modes over the past two weeks now. I’ve found that I’d like an extra mode or two. A “big hybrid” mode would be cool–use the whole battery in hybrid mode (kind of like Auto except that when the engine fires up it charges up the battery a lot more than the “hybrid battery”). Another mode I’d like to see is a “charge” mode where it uses the ICE to charge up the EV battery (once full it could switch back to auto). The charge mode could also be accomplished by allowing the driver the ability to set the desired battery % in EV Later mode.

Of course those extra modes may not increase the efficiency of the car as a whole, but they may make it a bit easier to cycle through the whole battery on long drives.

Yeah another thing: The EV button needs to be on the steering wheel, or on the steering column stalks–not buried on the dashboard where you have to hunt for it!


C-Max Energi “modes”

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