Value Charge–C-Max Edition

I think I have a handle on value charging C-Max Energi/Sync 3 style. In my list of bugs earlier I had indicated an issue with the car and MyFord Mobile accurately representing the Value Charge/Charge Now state.

Well I think I’ve settled on a solution to that. A bit of review first: In MyFord Mobile you can setup multiple charging locations. Once you’ve charged somewhere you can log in and set that location up to “Value Charge”–scheduled charging. On the FFE this worked quite well; I had a “Home” charging location that would start charging at 4am every morning (timed such that the car would be fully charged within about an hour of me departing for work). Doing this can prolong the life of the battery (since its only sitting for a short time at a full charge level) and takes advantage of the power company’s overnight rates.

When I got the C-Max Energi one of the first things I did was to setup the same charge schedule for the “Home” charge location. At that point is where things went kind of goofy. Every time I would check the two locations (Home and the default) either in the car or via web or mobile app I’d get a different setting for each location as far as Value Charge and Charge Now. I was able to get the car to Value Charge by checking on the setting in the car just before turning it off in the garage (ensuring that it was going to charge using the home location and it was set to Value Charge). After doing this a few days I started to notice that even though the screen said it was set to charge using the “Home” location it wouldn’t–setting the on screen prompt to Value Charge would sometimes set Default to Value Charge and leave “Home” at Charge Now…!?

On the C-Max Energi this is a bit more of an issue than on the FFE simply because of range and battery size. On the FFE when I’d come home after work I’d usually only use about 50% of the battery and the rest of the days driving wouldn’t take the other 50% thus most of the time I could leave the home location on Value Charge and be good (in addition, the FFE has a handy display on the dash that allows you to quickly flip between Value Charge and Charge Now after you turn off the car; this is missing on the C-Max). With the C-Max I’ll come home with a depleted “EV” battery and will sometimes want to charge a bit for further evening activities–thus I’m finding I flip back and forth between Value Charge and Charge Now a lot more frequently.

My workaround is this: I’ve deleted the “Home” location and setup a charge schedule for the default (the same as what I had before: start charging at 4am). Now the car has only 1 entry and switching between Value Charge and Charge Now will only switch the default. I’m not really concerned about having multiple charge locations anyway (on the FFE I only ever had the one “Home” one). Since the C-Max also has a gas engine it is unlikely that I’ll make as much use of public charging as I did on the FFE–it simply isn’t necessary.


Value Charge–C-Max Edition

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