GM following in Ford’s footsteps??

This is interesting news about the new Chevy Bolt BEV:

In a break with the past, General Motors acknowledged today that LG Chem didn’t only supply batteries for the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt, but co-developed the electric car’s climate controls, electric-drive motor, power electronics and dashboard displays and infotainment system.

That sounds really familiar…oh yeah: Ford contracted much of the Focus Electric’s development out to Magna and LG Chem (Magna for the powertrain and LG Chem for the battery system). Ford basically told them to fit everything into the Focus glider.

Hopefully LG Chem can come up with something a little more innovative for the climate system than 500W glow-plugs.

We’re still a least 12 months away from seeing any production Bolts though. I’m hoping we’ll see more competitors for the Bolt pop up from more than just Nissan and Tesla..

Update: There is more on this in an article at The Long Tailpipe.

GM following in Ford’s footsteps??

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